Upcoming Show and New Song!

Happy Boxing Day, TORO fans!

Just a little friendly post-Christmas reminder that we have a show coming up on Saturday, January 2nd! We’ll be playing an early show with the Dime Store Hustlers. They have a new album release that they’ll be celebrating and we’ll be opening for them.

But wait … there’s more! (No pun intended. You see, the Dime Store Hustlers’ new release is called “More.” Not to be confused with our tune called “More.” Alright, this is getting confusing now. Let’s move on.)

TORO has a new song recording for you to enjoy before now and the show. We’ve uploaded it to SoundCloud and ReverbNation.

Those of you who are fans of our music will recognize this as “Luv Hog.” Another song we’ve been playing live for awhile, but now we have a recording of it you can enjoy at home. 🙂

So, enjoy the tune, mark your calendars for January 2nd at The Melody Inn and check out the Dime Store Hustlers. We’ll see you in the new year!

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