¡TORO! Going Strong

¡TORO! FightWell, it’s been about eight days since we started the blog, fired up our social media pages and started spreading the word about our band online. We’ve been hustling this past week to get our Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud accounts in order, get pictures taken, rehearsing and promoting the band. Thanks to all of you, we’re getting the word out before our debut on Saturday night. Way to go, ¡TORO! fans. We’re looking forward to playing for you and meeting you all.

Oh, and we hope you like our new logo. Andrea worked hard on many different versions and after much discussion and opinion gathering, we finally made a choice. So, I guess we’re official now. 😛

See you soon!

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  1. Jim, thanks for including me. I enjoy listening to your music… great band. Best wishes for an outstanding successful debut Saturday night.


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