Thanks and Announcements

Hello TORO Rock Band fans!

First off, we are a bit belated in thanking everyone who came out to our awesome show on January 2nd. And, a very big salute of thanks goes to Dime Store Hustlers for inviting us to open for them at their album release party. There are videos of both bands online, in case you missed it … or just want to relive it. Our YouTube link can be found here:

Now, onto other fun news. We just released another one of our basement tracks for you to listen to. Remember the tune called “Love Down?” Well, we changed the name of it. That’s right. Sloppy Jim informed us that we’ve been using a “working title” (for the PAST TWO YEARS?), so he took this opportunity to rename the song to “Downsides.” You can listen to it on SoundCloud here:

We’ll have it uploaded to this blog site soon as well.

Meanwhile, we’d also like to promote the fact that we will be BACK at The Melody Inn on Sunday, January 24th. We’ll be playing at 9:00 that night, opening for Straight Up Chumps and No Pit Cherries. Here’s a link to (one of) the Facebook event pages.

Hope to see you all again soon. Enjoy the new tune and mark those calendars for Sunday the 24th!

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