So Much To Share!

We have so much to talk about! And it all culminates in some new FREE music for ya!

First, we have to say our thanks to the fabulous Mahan Kalpa Singh (a.k.a., Paul Mahern) for helping us put the final polish on our song, The Rough. Jim and Tim drove to Bloomington last Saturday to spend some time at Mahern Audio, where Paul spent a few hours coaching Jim to get the best vocal performance possible. The result is absolutely stellar! Paul also provided us with our final mix and master. Words cannot express how pleased we are with this track. We always knew it was a great song with some serious potential, and Paul made that potential a reality.

The instruments on this track were recorded at Postal Recording, here in Indianapolis. Alex Kercheval and Tyler Watkins provided their expertise to get some killer drums and guitars laid down. Our thanks to them for laying the foundation.

So, make sure to listen to the track here on our website, or check it out on SoundCloud. Either way, you can also download a copy to your song library to have and cherish forever, if you wish.

To make all this even better, TORO will be playing at The Melody Inn this Saturday night (April 22, 2017) with our good friend, Tim Neuman, making his debut as an original artist. That’s right! He has an entire album of songs he is getting ready to release and you can hear him perform them live with his new band this Saturday night. You don’t want to miss this!

So, we hope you enjoy the new song release. Trust us when we say, it sounds best with your car windows rolled down and turning it up LOUD!

We’ll see you Saturday!


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