¡TORO! Rocks Birdy’s Saturday, December 6th

Great news, ¡TORO! fans! 🙂

The band is happy to announce a new show coming up on Saturday, December 6th! We’ll be rockin’ out at Birdy’s which is at 2131 E 71st St. If you’ve never been there, it’s just west of Keystone on 71st St.

The full bill is still being put together, but we’ll definitely keep you posted. Our goal is to get at least 40 people out to this show, so we’re begging anyone and everyone to come and bring a friend. It’ll be a great time, we promise!

Check out the links on this site to hear more of our music or watch some of our videos.

Mark your calendar for December 6th and tell all your friends you’re gonna rock out with ¡TORO!

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